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In part 1 of this blog series, I talked about the reasoning behind my decision to build a Plex server out of a refurbished Dell PowerEdge R710 server.In this second part, I will cover the process of getting the OS and GPU installed. Installing the Operating System. The Dell PowerEdge R710 server that I bought came with a built-in "iDRAC" NIC management card, which despite the name, has ...

May 05, 2019 · Tell me about your PLEX VM setups, also, any tips tricks or things I should add? Currently my VM is: 4x CPU 4GB ram OS like 60gb on SSD datastore Media storage is being set as a 3tb VHD on a 7.2tb setup (4x 2tb 6gb/sec i think raid 0) OS is Windows 2008 R2 Standard I should add that this is...
Yes the r710 is good for plex. Save yourself some money and run plex in a VM. Run Proxmox, ESXI, or some other hypervisor and you can have multiple VMs on 1 server. Saving you money not only on buying the server, but also electricity.
Yes the r710 is good for plex. Save yourself some money and run plex in a VM. Run Proxmox, ESXI, or some other hypervisor and you can have multiple VMs on 1 server. Saving you money not only on buying the server, but also electricity.
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Thankfully Plex is nowhere near as resource heavy as gaming, so don’t think for a minute I’m going to be suggesting high end gaming graphics cards. You can get away with using much, much, cheaper graphics cards, but the question becomes can your chosen hardware take a GPU at all? That small form factor pc you bought certainly won’t.
For any VM that needs a GPU the NUC8 is considerably better than the 10, but has less cores. With m2 drives they fly. Bulk storage can be achieved with network storage or USB attached storage. This is all a rather dirty solution but I love my setup.
Optiplex OptiPlex 5060. SSD (Solid State Drive). Solid State Drive (SSD). Includes a fresh install of Windows 10 64-Bit. Hours of Operation. Condition Information. HERE to see if you are covered under warranty.
This website, and all other infrastructure to support my home automation needs are running on a DELL PowerEdge R710. 12 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5690 @ 3.47GHz 2 sockets, 6 cores per socket 96GB of RAM Running vmware's esxi as my hypervisor Several virtual servers - Some windows servers, and some RHEL servers. gig fiber to the home from cspire.
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  • dell poweredge r710 server unitek technology inc m6785410p4054 ds14mk4 shlf,acps,14x450gb,15k,hdd,esh4, m6785410c4040 dsi-091608-500 (shock mounted rack case) deployable systems inc m6785410p4093 ericsson single port oc-12c smir sc connector network module m6785410p4049 gigabit ge carrier edge card enterprise integration, inc m6890910m1016
  • In this video, I'm going to setup a LXC container running CentOS7 to run PLEX. I will configure GPU passthrough to allow the container access to the Quadro P...

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Oct 17, 2017 · I have a Synology DS418. Nice machine but underpowered for use with Plex Media Server - great on audio, processor maxes out on video transcoding. Here because I bought an Odroid H2 to use as a standalone PMS server sucking data off the DS418, but the found xpenology so I'm seeing if I can make the H2 into a DS918+. style db2-con dca100-gpu dca104-gpa dca104-hda dca104-hdu dca110-ext dca123-hd2 dca123-hd3 dca123-hd6 dca123-hd7 dca202-dch dca204-gph dca204-hdh dca204-pmh dca204-sma dca204-smu dca230-lim dca230-uli dca230-ulm dca240-agr dca240-agu dca240-ex1 dca240-ex2 dca240-ex3 dca240-ex4 dca240-hdy dca256-gp2 dca256-gp3 dca256-hd2 dca256-hd3 dca256-me2 ...
Whether for work or play, Synology offers a wide range of network-attached storage (NAS) choices for every occasion. Compare specifications below and find the right model for you. Oct 27, 2020 · For now I will likely look at ESXI or proxmox on the 720xd as a production-ready deployment - run two VMs, one for TrueNAS with disks passed through controller in IT mode, and one as an Ubuntu deployment with the GPU card passed through to run Plex and some other software.

While combing through the show floor at Computex, our fortunate selves stumbled upon a new phone-tablet duo at Leadtek's booth. Oh, don't worry, this isn't yet another phone-in-pad design; but actually a VoIP / home phone docked next to an Android tablet.

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Current system: is Unraid for Plex, VM for Minecraft, and a couple of dockers (Unifi, PiHole, etc) Supermicro 826 2u case Supermicro X9DRi-LN4+ motherboard Dual Xeon 2650 v2s Lots of RAM I bought a Quadro P2000 and a Supermicro 846 case to move everything over.